Mongo's Pretty Ugly Christmas Cookies

the secret recipe is revealed at last !

Santa Claus

"If you bake these cookies on Christmas eve, I'll visit your house. Guaranteed."

mrs claus
Mrs. Claus

"Even I like them. And I'm really picky. Ugly though."

aunt bee
Aunt Bee

"Too ugly! Tasty however. Yum !"

matt winkel
City Manager Matt Winkel

"When it comes to making ugly cookies, Mongo's top notch !"

mary poppins
Mary Poppins

"They're magic, just like me."

mary schamehorn
Mayor Mary Schamehorn

"Ugliest cookies I've ever seen. Yummy nums !"

fred g
Fred G.

"These cookies are uglier than Mongo! We're talking ugly, folks."

june cleaver
June Cleaver

"These cookies are ugly, but have just the right amount of crunch. What do you think Ward ?"


"Honey, what happened to the cookies? They were right here !"


"Did somebody steal our cookies ?!!!"

bebe bardot
BeBe Bardot

"Hee hee! Yum !"

the ingredients

ugly Christmas cookie ingredients
ugly Christmas cookie ingredients

Drain the can of berries and rinse them clean with water. Follow the instructions on the back of the cookie package, except add 1/3 cup of grape nuts and 1/2 cup of berries to the mix. You'll have to kinda mash them in there. After baking, let the cookies cool for 10 minutes or so before adding a blob of frosting to the middle of each cookie. Place a berry on each blob. Fresh or frozen fruit or berries of any kind can be used.

the cookies

mongo's pretty ugly Christmas cookies
mongo's pretty ugly Christmas cookies

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