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A typical day in Charleston

4th of July parade, 2014

4th of July parade, 2012


A book from Mongo's collection copyright 2012

Photo submitted by Gordon P

Bandon photo submitted by Kathy H

Bandon photo submitted by Tawnya

tide tables charleston oregon

'Most people call me Jim'

from the archives
from the archives

joke of the day
John Mellencamp walks into a bar.
The bartender asks, "What'll you have?"
"I'll have a 'Jack and Diane'"

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ask Pope Francis
Dear Pope Francis: I hear you'll be spending the 4th of July in Bandon. Is that really true?

Pope Francis: Yes. I'm looking forward to walking Denny Dyke's labyrinth, watching the parade, shopping at the Old Town Marketplace, participating in the Alive After Five Wine Walk, and watching the fireworks. I'm also running low on Misty Meadows Wild Huckleberry Jam.

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Future events
4th of July in Bandon
4th of July Cardboard Boat Races in Bandon
July 11, Town-Wide Garage Sale in Myrtle Point
July 17, "Winging It" with Free Flight Birds of Prey in Bandon
July 18-19, Southern Oregon Kite Festival in Brookings
July 21-25, Coos County Fair & Rodeo in Myrtle Point
July 29-Aug 02, Dunefest at Winchester Bay
July 31-Aug 02, Cape Blanco Country Music Festival
Aug 02, 56th Annual Salmon BBQ in Charleston
Aug 7-9, Pirates of the Pacific Festival in Brookings
Aug 08-09, Charleston Seafood Festival
Aug 13-16, Fiddle at the Beach - Old Time Music Jamboree in Winchester Bay
Aug 15, City-Wide Garage Sale in Coquille
Aug 15-16, Wild Rivers Music Festival in Brookings
Aug 21-22, Kool Coastal Nights in Winchester Bay
Aug 22-23, Blackberry Arts Festival in Coos Bay
Aug 27-30, Curry County Fair in Gold Beach
Sep 04-06, 29th Annual Oregon Shorebird Festival in Charleston
Sep 11-13, Bandon's 69th Annual Cranberry Festival
Sep 12, 8th Annual Gold Beach Brew and Art Fest
Sep 26, Harvest Festival in Myrtle Point
Oct 03, Oktoberfest in Florence

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