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Click for Bandon, Oregon Forecast

a typical day in Bandon


the other side of Table Rock

a Bandon postcard from Mongo's collection postmarked 1914

nice boat leaving Giddings Boatworks in Charleston, photo by Brian H

Bandon photo submitted by Alan

tide tables charleston oregon


from the archives
from the archives

joke of the day
A Roman walks into a bar, sticks two fingers up to the barman and says, "Five beers please."

Factoid: On Sunday August 31 we had 1088 visits.

ask the car psychic
car psychic
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Dear Car Psychic: As I was turning into my driveway yesterday, some jerk was going around me and yelled "Add some blinker fluid buddy". Then he sped off and that got me thinking.... I've never heard of blinker fluid, and where would I add it?

Car Psychic: Dear Confused
All cars made after 1980 require blinker fluid. You add it to the blinker fluid reservoir. The location can be found in your owners manual.

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Factoid: Our 'busiest' day in 2014 - 1732 visits on Tuesday April 1.
Factoid: Our 'slowest' day in 2014 - 895 visits on Saturday May 24 (Memorial Day Weekend).
Factoid: Our 'busiest' day in 2013 - 1783 visits on Sunday September 29 (storm).
Factoid: Our 'slowest' day in 2013 - 791 visits on Saturday September 19.
Factoid: Our 'busiest' day of all time - 5322 visits on March 11, 2011 (tsunami).

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