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Mary Schamehorn - As I See It
Dave Robinson: Home Fire Safety
today: partial solar eclipse
tonight: Ghostbusters at the Egyptian Theatre
storm hits Oregon Coast
trick or treat in downtown Coos Bay
Coos Bay sets a 7.5% marijuana tax
raw sewage overflows into Willamette River
three llamas found, owners sought
feds to issue new rules for vehicles in sand dunes
cigarette companies ban smoking at work
200 pet snakes killed in house fire
Dave Robinson's new book is at Amazon
agates of the Oregon coast      the November launch of Miss Emily
2014 fishing regulations        halibut        shellfish        crabbing guide
Shoreline Education For Awareness      video: city council September 08
clamming & crabbing      fishing licenses sold online      mail order fishing license
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radiation monitoring      south coast striders      mongoland diet      coquille river chart
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museum     port of bandon     salmon university     marine conditions & forecast
northwest hiker      wind on the water      thomas hill      bandon tide tables
city limits/zoning map      zoning rules      coos county parcel search map

if weather banner is red, click for a severe weather/tsunami statement

weather-only page that updates every 5 minutes

detailed weather history data & graphs
weather information updates automatically every 5 minutes

tsunami info      flood hazard map      tsunami evacuation map

not a random image                     not a random image

Click for Bandon, Oregon Forecast

satellite image
western enhanced infrared satellite image      12 hour loop

a look at the County Commissioner candidates

meet City Council candidate Chris Powell
meet City Council candidate Mike Claassen
meet City Council candidate Peter Braun
meet City Council candidate Madeline Seymore

a typical day in Bandon

abandoned coal mine extends 900 feet


a Bandon postcard from Mongo's collection postmarked 1907

Bandon photo submitted by Angie

Bandon photo submitted by Jim B

tide tables charleston oregon

'Watch out for that first step'

from the archives
from the archives

joke of the day
A drunk walks into a bar.
The bartender asks me what I want.

a painting from a screenshot, by Beverley Carlock

ask doctor mongo
doctor mongo
Dear Doctor Mongo: My wife came home late last night with hickeys all over her neck. I accused her of cheating on me, and that's when she said I was a lousy lover. So then I told her she always has bad breath and that she snores like a horse. Then she started throwing coffee cups at me and said I was fat. So then I threw her shoes into the garbage can. Do you think we should try counseling?

Doctor Mongo: No, counseling isn't necessary. What you have described is normal behavior in most relationships.

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