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Video: Gorse

Friday we attended Bandon's first annual Gorse Blossom Festival










We bought a Gorse Blossom Cheesecake

Throwing darts at Lord Bennett is fun!



We atteneded the wine-pairing dinner at the Alloro featuring Abacela wines

Nice chocolate 'A' on the dessert

A postcard from Mongo's collection postmarked 1908

Photo (Feb 11,2017) submitted by Brian H

Bandon photo submitted by Corby E

Photo (first fish) submitted by Jesse S

Florence photo submitted by Brian K

Bandon photo submitted by Claudia W

Michael Burks - 'Love Disease'

'This is a hybrid'

Michael Jackson - 'Billie Jean'

Bebe Bardot
'Living On Borrowed Time' by Bebe Bardot

joke of the day
"My wife is pregnant, and her contractions are only two minutes apart!"
"Is this her first child?"
"No, you idiot!"This is her husband!"

Friday's sunset

mongo and minga

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Ask Mongo
Dear Mongo: What should we do this weekend?

Mongo: Don't miss the 1st annual Gorse Blossom Festival. See ya there.

Future events
Feb 18, Kayaking the Estuary, South Slough
Feb 18, SEA Seminar: Oceanography
Feb 18, Southwestern Oregon Preppers meet in Reedsport
Feb 18, 'Confluence Wine, Beer, Seafood & Music Festival' in Reedsport
Feb 18-19, 'Gorse Blossom Festival' in Bandon
Feb 18,19,24,25,26 'Dorothy Meets Alice' & 'Big Bad' at The Liberty Theatre, North Bend
Feb 18-Feb 28, 'Dreamscapes' art exhibit at the Bandon Library
Feb 19, Bastendorff Bog hike with South Coast Striders
Feb 20, Book Club Night: 'Stiff' by Mary Roach at the library
Feb 22, Coos Bay Winter Market at the Coos History Museum
Feb 23-26, Newport Seafood & Wine Festival
Feb 24,25 Labyrinth in the sand at Face Rock Beach
Feb 25 Langlois Library Book Sale
Mar 03, Coos Bay 'First Friday' Wine Walk
Mar 03, Coos County State of Jefferson meeting
Mar 04, 'Bite of Bandon' in The Barn
Mar 10-12, 'South Coast Clambake Music Festival' at the Mill Casino
Mar 10-12, Pony Village Mall Racecar Display
Mar 11, Mud Drags & Tuff Trucks at Coos Bay Speedway
Mar 13, Movie in the Bandon Library...'Charlotte Gray'...2001
Mar 16, Bandon Showcase presents 'Women of the World' at the Sprague
Mar 18, Mud Drags & Tuff Trucks at Coos Bay Speedway
Mar 25, Chili Cook Off at Bandon Community Center
Mar 25, Mud Drags & Tuff Trucks at Coos Bay Speedway
Mar 25-31, Whale Watching Week at Face Rock Scenic Viewpoint
Apr 11, 'Bite of the Bay' at The Mill Casino
Apr 22, 'South Coast Celtic Fest' in Coos Bay
May 03, Coos Bay Farmers Market
May 12-14, Lakeside Crawdad Festival
May 19-21, Marlo Dance presents 'Sleeping Beauty' at the Sprague
May 25, Bandon Showcase presents 'Mike Strickland, Pianist' at the Sprague
May 27, Marine Swap Meet on the Boardwalk
May 27, Blessing of the Fleet at the Bandon Boat Ramp
June 16-17, Lakeside Brewfest
July 26-30, 'Dunefest' at Winchester Bay
Aug 18-21, Oregon SolarFest in Madras

Mongo: "Have a great day!"

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