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Mary Schamehorn - As I See It
Dave Robinson: Earthquake Prep
Artwork and wine benefit Oregonís wildlife
Curry County Sheriff ramps up patrols for Halloween weekend
Marijuana labs: Oregon pot tests safer than food
Oregon's 10 best breweries
Power company plans rate increase to cover Measure 97
The healthiest daily meal plan by a nutritionist
Mercedes-Benz pickup revealed
Oregon evacuation levels and emergency supply list
Video: A tour of Bandon's Water Works w/Brian Vick
How to stay safe when the 'Big One' comes
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Bandon's rain year is Oct 01, 2015 thru Sep 30, 2016
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Video: Ghost Sighting Oregon 11-4-2014

A typical nap in Bandon

Aerial photo from the Bandon Museum's Facebook page


An unused Bandon postcard

Bandon photo (bird feeder visitor) submitted by Gilbert O

Bandon photo submitted by James P

Bandon photo submitted by Bull

Bandon photo submitted by Sabine

Bandon photo submitted by Steve M

'They sit by the fire'

Asleep at The Wheel - 'The Letter That Johnny Walker Read'

Bebe Bardot
'That's What They All Say' by Bebe Bardot

from the archives
From the archives

joke of the day
A pirate walks into a bar with a paper towel on his head.
The bartender sees this and says, "Get out! We can't serve you here!".
The pirate replies, "Arr, is it because I've got a Bounty on me head?"

Nachos at La Fiesta

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Video: Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

mongo and minga

This Halloween costume has been approved by Mongo

Future events
Oct 26, Walk-In Flu Shots at the Bandon Visitors Center
Oct 26, Coos Bay Farmers Market
Oct 26, Live music, 'Geezer Jam' at Gooney's Sports Bar, Coos Bay
Oct 26-Nov 01, Mahaffy Ranch U-Pick Pumpkin Patch
Oct 26-Nov 30, 'Below the Tide: Images of the Deep' at the Bandon Library
Oct 28-29, Old Town Marketplace Farmers Market, Bandon
Oct 28-30, 'The Ventriloquist' at the Sprague (New Artists Production)
Oct 28-30, 'The Addams Family Musical' at the Little Theatre On the Bay, North Bend
Oct 28-31, Chetco Players Haunted House in Brookings
Oct 29-30, Labyrinth in the sand at Face Rock Beach
Nov 01-Dec 15, 'Jubilee Salmon Derby' in Port Orford
Nov 04, First Friday Wine Walk in Coos Bay
Nov 05, 'Fungi Fest' in Gold Beach
Nov 06, 'Art For Health' fundraiser in The Barn
Nov 12, Veterans' Celebration at the Bandon Historical Society Museum
Nov 12, 'Soundwaves' Final round at the Egyptian Theatre
Nov 14, 1969 Elvis movie 'Change of Habit' at the Bandon Library
Nov 17, Bandon Showcase presents 'William Florian' at the Sprague
Nov 24-Dec 31, '325,000 Christmas Lights' at Shore Acres
Nov 26, 'Night of 10,000 Lights' in Bandon
Nov 26, South Slough Trails Hike w/South Coast Striders
Dec 10-11, Marlo Dance presents 'The Nutcracker' at the Sprague
Dec 17-18, Marlo Dance presents 'The Nutcracker' at the Sprague
Feb 14, Bandon Showcase presents 'Artrageous' at the Sprague
Mar 16, Bandon Showcase presents 'Women of the World' at the Sprague
May 19-21, Marlo Dance presents 'Sleeping Beauty' at the Sprague
May 25, Bandon Showcase presents 'Mike Strickland, Pianist' at the Sprague

Mongo: "Have a great day. See you Thursday."

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