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Mary Schamehorn - As I See It
Dave Robinson: Generators. When The Lights Go Out
'Birding Without Borders' next Audubon program
Call to artists for Bandon Boardwalk Art Show
Oregon State Trooper rescues injured eagles
Be part of the Coquille Carousel Project
OLCC recalls tainted recreational pot
Dead cattle floating in eastern Oregon reservoir
Winston mayor resigns following arrest
Average Americans dying with 62K of debt
Losing sense of smell predicts early death
Turtle dies after ingesting good-luck coins
How to stay safe when the 'Big One' comes
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Video: Rigging & Fishing Herring While on Anchor for Spring Chinook

A typical day in Bandon



A Bandon postcard from Mongo's collection postmarked 1913

Bandon photo (Feb 2017) submitted by Magali

Bandon photo submitted by Bull

Bandon photo submitted by Tawnya

Bandon photo submitted by Todd M

Irene Cara - 'Flashdance - What A Feeling'

'Get away from her'

Radio Moscow - 'Stinging'

Bebe Bardot
'We Are Living On Borrowed Time' by Bebe Bardot

Ask Doctor Mongo, marriage counselor
doctor mongo
Dear Doctor Mongo: Last night my wife 'went out with the girls'. When she finally came home at 4 in the morning, she smelled like booze, her blouse was on backwards, her skirt was upside down, and hickies were all over her neck. Do you suggest counseling?

Doctor Mongo: Dump her.


joke of the day
A woman came up behind her husband while he was enjoying his morning coffee and slapped him on the back of the head.
"I found a piece of paper in your pants pocket with the name 'Marylou' written on it," she said, furious. "You had better have an explanation."
"Calm down, honey," the man replied. "Remember last week when I was at the dog track? That was the name of the dog I bet on."
The next morning, his wife snuck up on him and smacked him again.
"What was that for?" he complained.
"Your dog called last night."

From the archives

mongo and minga

Factoid: On Tuesday March 21, had 1276 visits.

Video: Base jump w/skis at Jackson Hole

Future events
Mar 23, Planning Commission Meeting
Mar 23, Live music: 'Caught Red Handed' at Brewed Awakenings
Mar 23-Apr 30, 'Bronze' photographs & sculptures in the Bandon Library
Mar 25, US Coast Guard Boating Class, Charleston
Mar 25, Kayaking the Estuary, Slouth Slough
Mar 25, Chili Cook Off at Bandon Community Center
Mar 25, Mud Drags & Tuff Trucks at Coos Bay Speedway
Mar 25,26 Labyrinth in the sand at Face Rock Beach
Mar 25-31, Whale Watching Week at Face Rock Scenic Viewpoint
Mar 27, Travel night at the Library, Kalmiopsis Wilderness
Mar 29, Apr 05,12,19,26 Coos Bay Winter Market at the Coos History Museum
Mar 31, 'Tipsy Canvas' art class w/wine at Pony village Mall
Mar 31-Apr 01, Florence Art, Wine & Jazz Fest
Mar 31-Apr 01,02,07,08,09, "Fiddler on the Roof Jr." at the Sprague
Mar 31-Apr 02, Oregon Ghost Conference in Seaside
Apr 01, SEA Seminar: 'Tide Pools (or Life on the Rocks)'
Apr 01, Dirt Track Season Opener at Coos Bay Speedway
Apr 01, Langlois Sphaghetti Feed and Dessert Auction
Apr 02, Sweet Creek Falls hike with South Coast Striders
Apr 05, 'Birding Without Borders' in The Barn
Apr 07, Coos Bay 'First Friday' Wine Walk
Apr 07, Live Music - Ericka Corban at Bandon Brewing Company
Apr 08, Coos County Sheriff’s Posse Chili Challenge at Pony Village Mall
Apr 08,09,14,15 Easter Bunny Photos at Pony Village Mall
Apr 09, 52nd Annual Pancake Feed in North Bend
Apr 10, City Council Meeting
Apr 10, Movie in the Bandon Library...'It Could Happen To You'...1994
Apr 11, 'Bite of the Bay' at The Mill Casino
Apr 14-16,21-23,28-30, 'My Fair Lady' at The Liberty Theatre, North Bend
Apr 15, Euphoria Ridge hike with South Coast Striders
Apr 15 Easter Bunny Brunch at Pony Village Mall
Apr 17, Book Club Night: 'The Cold Dish' by Craig Johnson at the library
Apr 22, Kayaking the Estuary, Slouth Slough
Apr 22, Camp Myrtlewood hike with South Coast Striders
Apr 22, 'South Coast Celtic Fest' in Coos Bay
Apr 22,23,Jun 03,04,Nov 25,26,Dec 31,Jan 01: Free fishing days, entire state of Oregon
May 03, Coos Bay Farmers Market
May 12-14, Lakeside Crawdad Festival
May 14, Rhododendron Sunday - Mother’s Day at Shore Acres
May 19-20, 'Whale of a Wine Fest', Gold Beach
May 19-21, Marlo Dance presents 'Sleeping Beauty' at the Sprague
May 19-21, Rhododendron Festival in Florence
May 25, Bandon Showcase presents 'Mike Strickland, Pianist' at the Sprague
May 26-30, Rockaway Beach Kite Festival
May 27, Marine Swap Meet on the Boardwalk
May 27, Blessing of the Fleet at the Bandon Boat Ramp
June 03, State Parks Day, free parking at Shore Acres
June 03,17,24,25 Sawdust Theatre, 'The Perilous Passing of Prudence Proudwell'
June 15-18, Oregon Divisional Chainsaw Carving Championships in Reedsport
June 16-17, Lakeside Brewfest
June 18, Rose Sunday - Father’s Day at Shore Acres
June 17, Tour de Fronds cycling event, Powers
July 01-02, 'Dog Days of Summer' Brew Fest in Brookings
July 01,08,09,15,22,29 Sawdust Theatre, 'The Perilous Passing of Prudence Proudwell'
July 14-16, Southern Oregon Kite Festival in Brookings
July 26-30, 'Dunefest' at Winchester Bay
Aug 04,05,12,19,26 Sawdust Theatre, 'The Perilous Passing of Prudence Proudwell'
Aug 11-13, 'Pirates Of The Pacific Festival' in Brookings
Aug 18-21, Oregon SolarFest in Madras
Aug 19, Bonsai Day at Shore Acres
Sep 01-02 Sawdust Theatre, 'The Perilous Passing of Prudence Proudwell'
Sep 08, Bandon Cranberry Queen Coronation at the Sprague
Sep 23, Dahlia Day at Shore Acres
Sep 24, 'Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus Live' in Medford
Oct 27,28,29,Nov 03,04,05 'The Audition' at the Sprague
Nov 23-Dec 31, Christmas lights at Shore Acres

Mongo: "Have a great day."

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