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Brand new: Mary Schamehorn - As I See It
Tues: Bandon Showcase presents 'Sonos Handbell Ensemble'
On the eighth day of Christmas in Bandon....
Mongo's Christmas gift of the day
Oregon firefighter saves deer on ice
Oregon woman caught smoking in SW Airlines bathroom
S. Oregon renters struggle with steep hikes
The biggest drug busts in Oregon's history
Eugene Airport sees record 1 million passengers in 2017
Rats invading Eugene
8 children by 5 women all look like Mick Jagger
Snowball fight cancelled due to snow
Forget the milk and cookies Santa wants chicken wings
How to stay safe when the 'Big One' comes
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A typical full moon in Bandon

Inside the lighthouse at Cape Blanco

A typical Christmas in Bandon


Christmas Parade of Lights, 2017, photo by Minga

Christmas Parade of Lights, 2017, photo by Minga

Christmas Parade of Lights, 2017, photo by Minga


A Bandon postcard from Mongo's collection postmarked 1920

Bandon photo submitted by Todd M

Bandon photo submitted by Dave K

Bandon photo (2017 eclipse) submitted by Tom W

Bandon photo (Mingaland) submitted by Fred G

Bandon photo submitted by George V

Video: Christmas Vacation, scene 6 of 10

Ask the Car Psychic
car psychic
the car psychic can be followed on facebook

Dear Car Psychic: I need tips on finding and keeping a good trustworthy mechanic.

Car Psychic: Recommendations from friends, family and neighbors are a good start. Reviews online are another great way to find a place to take your car. But when you do find a good mechanic be sure to give him cookies and beer to keep him in your good graces.


Patti Griffin & Emmylou Harris - 'Trapeze'

'Do you ever hang around?'

'If Every Day Was Like Christmas' by Elvis Presley
'Winter Wonderland' by Dolly Parton
'Santa's Beard' by The Beach Boys

Mongo does not recommend this Christmas gift

Bebe Bardot
'That Is What They All Say' by Bebe Bardot

Call the cops!

Holiday food tips


From the archives

Joe Bonamassa - 'Lonesome Christmas'

joke of the day
An Eskimo girl spent the night with her boyfriend.
The next morning she discovered she was 6 months pregnant.

mongo and minga



Future events
Dec 12, Bandon Showcase presents 'Sonos Handbell Ensemble'
Dec 12-31, Christmas lights at Shore Acres
Dec 13, Audubon Society meeting in The Barn'
Dec 13,20 Coos Bay Winter Market at Pony Village Mall
Dec 14, Labyrinth in the sand at Face Rock Beach
Dec 15,16, Old Town Marketplace Farmers Market
Dec 16, Santa & Miss Oregon arrive at Old Town Marketplace
Dec 16, 'Christmas Kayaking Trip on the Estuary' at the South Slough
Dec 16, 'Christmas Vacation' Beer & Movie Night at the Egyptian
Dec 18, Book Club Night at the library, 'Astrophysics For People In a Hurry'
Dec 20, 'Christmas At Billy Smoothboars'
Dec 23,24,26,27,28, Christmas at Cape Blanco
Dec 24, Christmas Eve Dinner at the Alloro Wine Bar
Dec 27-31, Winter Whale Watch Week
Dec 30, PBS film 'Christmas at Yellowstone' at the South Slough
Dec 31, New Years Eve Dinner at the Alloro Wine Bar
Dec 31,Jan 01 Labyrinth in the sand at Face Rock Beach
Dec 31,Jan 01: Free fishing days, entire state of Oregon
Jan 01, 'Polar Bear Plunge' at Sunset Bay State Park
Jan 08, City Council meeting, the agenda
Feb 06, Bandon Showcase presents 'Montreal Guitare Trio'
Feb 16-18, 'Gorse Blossom Festival' in Bandon
Mar 03, 'Bite of Bandon' in The Barn
Mar 04, Bandon Showcase presents: Martha Redbone at the Sprague
May 05, Bandon Showcase presents: 'On The Rocks' at the Sprague
July 25-29, 'Dunefest' in Winchester Bay

Mongo: "Have a great day!"

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