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Bandon's rain year is Oct 01, 2015 thru Sep 30, 2016
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Video: Bandon Dunes As You've Never Seen It Before

A typical day in Bandon



2016 Boardwalk Art (A slice of life), one of our favorites

A Bandon postcard postmarked 1910

Bandon photo submitted by Melissa H

Bandon photo submitted by Bob A

Bandon photo submitted by Todd W

Bandon photo submitted by Minga

'Nice grouping'

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - 'Never Lookin' Back'

Bebe Bardot
'My Next Ex-wife' by Bebe Bardot

from the archives
From the archives

joke of the day
Wife: Can you explain how this lipstick got on your collar?
Husband: No I can't. I distinctly remember taking my shirt off.


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Historic remains of the Riverton Ferry Crossing

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mongo and minga

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Future events
July 21, Bay Area Teen Idol at the Egyptian Theatre, Coos Bay
July 21-23, Labyrinth in the sand at Face Rock Beach
July 21-30, Oregon Coast Music Festival
July 21-Sep 10, Bandon Crab Derby
Jul 21-Sep 17, 'Slice of Life': 2016 Port of Bandon Boardwalk Art Show
Jul 21-30, Summer programs at Bullards Beach
July 22, 'Owls, Silent Hunters of the Oregon Coast', Port of Bandon
July 22, Free live music: On the Corner in Coos Bay - 'The Rogue Rebellion'
July 22-23, Old Town Marketplace Farmers Market, Bandon
July 22-23, World Famous Langlois Music Fest
July 23, Iron Mtn hike w/South Coast Striders
July 23, Southwestern Oregon Preppers - 'Prepping Skills & Drills'
July 23-24, 'NHRA Drag Racing' at Coos Bay Speedway
Jul 23-24, 'Little Ole Opry on the Bay' at the Liberty Theatre, North Bend
Jul 23-Sept 24, Sawdust Theatre in Coquille: 'The Great Riverton Ruse or Beware of the Golden Gambler'
July 26, Free outdoor concert in Reedsport: 234th Army Brass Band
July 26-30, Coos County Fair & Rodeo in Myrtle Point
July 26-27, 'Soundwaves' quarter final at the Coos County Fair
July 27, Coos Bay Farmers Market
July 27, Live music, 'Geezer Jam' at Gooney's Sports Bar, Coos Bay
July 27-31, Dunefest in Winchester Bay
July 29-31, Cape Blanco Country Music Festival
July 29, Live Music - 'Left Coast Jazz' at the Sprague
July 30, 'Big Canoe Trip', South Slough
Aug 01, Bandon City Council meeting
Aug 05, First Friday Wine Walk in Coos Bay
Aug 05-06, 'Pirates Of The Pacific Festival' in Brookings
Aug 05-07, Oregon International Airshow at Hillsboro Airport
August 06, 'Fireman's BBQ' at Sturdivant Park, Coquille
Aug 07, 59th Annual Salmon BBQ at Bastendorff County Park
Aug 19, Alive After Five Wine Walk, Old Town Bandon
August 20, 'City-Wide Garage Sale' at Sturdivant Park, Coquille
August 20, 'Bonsai Day' at Shore Acres
August 20, Concert at the Creek, Lobster Creek County Park
August 21, Agness Tomato Festival
August 27-28, Blackberry Arts Festival, Coos Bay
September 03-04, Goatzilla Camping & Music Festival on the banks of the Coquille River
September 09-11, 70th Annual Bandon Cranberry Festival
September 09, 'Bandon Cranberry Coronation' at the Sprague
September 10-17, Cycle Oregon
September 17, 'Cruz the Coos' in Coos Bay
September 17, 'Orchid Day' at Shore Acres
September 17, Bridge Bash, Gold Beach
September 24, 80th Anniversary of the 1936 Bandon Fire at the Bandon Historical Society Museum
September 24, 'Dahlia Day' at Shore Acres
September 24-25, 'Coastal Legends' competition in Brookings
October 01, 'Raining Cats and Dogs' in Brookings
October 21-23, 'The Ventriloquist' at the Sprague (New Artists Production)
October 28-30, 'The Ventriloquist' at the Sprague (New Artists Production)
Nov 01-Dec 15, 'Jubilee Salmon Derby' in Port Orford
Nov 05, 'Fungi Fest' in Gold Beach
November 24-December 31, '325,000 Christmas Lights' at Shore Acres
December 09, 'The Nutcracker Suite' at the Sprague (MarLo Dance)

Mongo: "Have a great day. See you Thursday."

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