We Review La Fiesta

The salsa’s good, and kinda hot! Mongo eats here quite a lot.

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant

La Fiesta is located in historic old-town Bandon on the corner of First and Delaware. I don’t get too excited about the prospect of eating at Mexican restaurants. I enjoy international cuisine, don’t get me wrong, but most of my Mexican dining experiences have been so Americanized that the beans may just as well have come from Boston. I disclosed to bandon.tv fans in my review of El Jalapeño's that I am reluctant to put my digestive system through the fiery hell that Mexican peppers and spices can cause. Mongo’s directive tested my mettle once more. I would soon find out if La Fiesta would gratify or disappoint.

The exterior of the building is ambiguous, but once inside I was regarded with sincere Mexican hospitality. I hate arriving solo to any new place, but mi novio was finishing up work at the office and he would meet me later. Fortunately for me, the host was very friendly and his daughter, who spoke little English, entertained me by talking to me in her native tongue while I mangled responses in reply. Eventually, they invited me to sit wherever I wanted. I chose a window table for two that had a view of the harbor. Low and behold I could see the Ducque’s boyfriend’s boat waiting to set sail in its berth.

The walls were adorned with colorful blankets, sombreros and ponchos and the quiet Mexican music added to the authenticity of the Mexican theme. There is a cozy cantina in the back of the main room where a couple of locals were quietly chatting about local gossip. Mi novio arrived shortly thereafter and we both decided to order a large margarita, on the rocks, no fluff. The host assured us we had made an excellent choice. While waiting for our drinks, we were served the obligatory salsa and chips. The fiery hell I had feared was beckoning too close for comfort. Fortunately, mi novio warned me about the conflagration I was about to consume and thus saved my oral cavity from certain devastation. I took a small bite and was not surprised to feel my eyebrows start to sweat. Mi novio thought it was wonderful—that the salsa was so spicy and Mongo swears up and down that the salsa is just perfect.

Mother's Deli

The margaritas were just what we needed to wrap up the work week and set the mood for dinner. We perused the menu and I was pleasantly surprised to find many seafood selections including camarones, pescado and cangrejo. They also have several house specialties including carne asada, enchiladas, burritos and a fiesta dinner platter (chicken or beef). I chose the bistek and seafood enchilada combination and mi novio selected the beef enchilada and chile relleno plate. The servings here are HUGE, so bring a hefty appetite and they are served piping hot!

I was especially pleased with the seafood enchilada made with genuine fresh Dungeness crab, shrimp and cod. The bistek was cooked just right and was very flavorful. Mi novio enjoyed his enchilada and chile relleno just as well, and he’s pretty fickle about chile rellenos. We both found the rice and beans to be unremarkable. One element of our dinner worth mentioning was the cheese used in both our dishes. We believed it to be authentic Mexican cheese because it was so fresh, creamy and uniquely delicious. It reminded us of the blanco queso we love to eat when we travel to Mexico. The last surprise was the sopapillas recommended for dessert. These Mexican pastries are served with ice cream and topped with caramel and swirls of chocolate to finish it off. According to legend, the flan is also wonderful.

La Fiesta is a savvy choice for the budget conscious, particularly in Bandon. Most entrees are between $7 and $8, and the most expensive is $11. They even offer platos de ninos for the little people. Lunch specials are available daily from 11-3. La Fiesta is open until 10 pm in the summer time and close a little earlier in the winter months. Margaritas for two, chips and salsa, two huge entrees, dessert and 20% gratuity: $39.00. A view of Ducques’ boyfriends’ boat: stupendous. Three and 1/2 happy Mongothumbs!
3 1/2 Happy MongoThumbs

Reviewed by Krab April 2008

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